Altar Ceramics

Altar Ceramics is the creative vision  between best friends Karina Subijana and Miri Sunkel. They have always shared a love of nature, art, and beauty. Life's twists and turns have brought the California natives to the beaches and valleys of Maui. Shortly after the birth of Karina's son Otto, Miri moved to the island to help support her. They were filled with awe and inspiration to create ceramics, textiles, and art to adorn their altars and home.
​Channeling Maui's innate feminine energy and fertile landscape Miri and Karina collect and create treasures that are not only objects of beauty, but are also meant to bring presence and prayer to the everyday. Their intention is to courageously follow their heart's vision allowing things to fall into place, so it is. 
Made in Maui, Hawaii

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