HARLIN was founded in Southern California in 2017 based on the idea that the perfect t-shirt is thoughtful, accessible and ethically made.

We are inspired by craftsmanship, our east coast roots, the landscape of Southern California and the feminine side in all of us. We believe in doing it yourself and that saltwater is the best medicine.

HARLIN is a reflection of our personal style: relaxed, intuitive and creative.

Utilizing our passion for textiles and design, along with a keen insight for merchandising, we construct our garments to have a superior fit – refined, versatile and consciously uncomplicated.  We are committed to including compelling and wearable colors in our line, inspired by the beaches and deserts that surround us.

Our line is ethically produced in Los Angeles, California in a small factory that values environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices.

We garment-dye our apparel, meaning we cut and sew the fabric first and then dye the finished pieces afterward. This process lends to a well-worn, vintage hand-feel and unique variances in shade.

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