Mondo Mondo - Perfume Oil 15ml
Mondo Mondo - Perfume Oil 15ml
Mondo Mondo - Perfume Oil 15ml

Mondo Mondo

Mondo Mondo - Perfume Oil 15ml

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Perfume oil created by the jewelry line Mondo Mondo. 

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

Made in Los Angeles, USA

Center of the world: At the same time ethereal and grounding, the center of the world can be seen as a mandala, a sacred tree or mountain, a cloud of smoke. It is that which connects the earth to the heavens, a universal concept that spans all spiritual traditions.
Notes: Sandalwood, cedar, musk, sage, copal, lotus blossom, elemi

Cowboy: Here the spirit of the Cowboy is represented as The Fool in this unisex fragrance. He is free, naive, and fearless. You can find him sleeping peacefully under the stars.

Notes: honeysuckle, grass, earth, tobacco, leather, coffee, Texan cedarwood, cypress 

I Like You in Velvet: In an iridescent cloud of iris and carrots I found my expression. Silk gloves, lipstick wax, silver like the movies. Ballet, jazz, and modern dance, too. 

Notes: iris, suede, incense, carrots, pale woods, white musk

Hysteria: She looks out her window and watches the spinning jungle. Her tears suggest that she is either laughing or crying.

Notes: Indian tuberose, Indian jasmine, palo santo, coconut, sunscreen, musk



by Mondo Mondo